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4th Trimester Care launches to help moms recover from childbirth

A Columbus non-profit created a program to help new moms navigate the challenges of bringing a baby home.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The 4th trimester. That's become the term for the time moms recover after childbirth and get settled with their newborns.

Most women, under insurance, get one post-partum check-up. But, there's a new non-profit in Columbus taking a different approach by helping moms recover with a team of support.

By definition, empathy is the ability to understand others.

Erin Lombardo, who among other roles is a dietitian and yoga instructor, is the example.

“Over the course of two years 10 of my friends we re-hospitalized after having babies,” she said.

Hearing the emotional and physical challenge of childbirth from her clients, friends and family inspired her to take action. She formed a new model of post-partum care, by also leaning on lessons learned earlier in life.

“I grew up watching athletes receive proactive team-based care,” she said.

For Lombardo, having a team of support just makes sense. She grew up watching her father working in sports medicine with athletes from The Ohio State University.

“The athletes have a team of health care professionals that surround them when they're healthy, getting them ready for that competition. They're there with them throughout that game day and they're there to support them with whatever happens after the game."

Using these examples, she launched 4th Trimester Care, a program through the non-profit Partnership for Proactive Health, based in Columbus. 

For help, she turned to her own doctor, Dr. Carol Greco.

“She said, 'what do you think of this idea?' and she presented it to me and I thought 'that's pretty amazing,’” Greco said.

Greco said there is very little conversation about caring for the mom through the birth and recovery process.

"You know we talk about the baby, delivery, breastfeeding, but there's very little conversation about 'how do I take care of myself?'"

Partnership for Proactive Health pulls together resources to help mothers navigate a challenging time.

The program utilizes a care navigator to connect a mom to medical experts, dietitians, lactation consultants, physical therapists and whatever else a mom could need.

“Without a healthy mom, it's hard to have healthy babies. Moms are truly the backbone of the family,” said Lombardo.

To learn more about 4th Trimester Care visit the website here.

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