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Can't find just the right gift? Our friends at Bull Moose might be able to help

Mick Pratt and Brett Wickard offer their annual whacky gift guide for the holidays.

PORTLAND, Maine — We turn to our friends at Bull Moose to come up with "outside the box" gift ideas and they never disappoint. Here are some of their suggestions for your holiday shopping:

Six-String Samurai on 4K UHD: If you watched the Sci-Fi channel in the early 2000s you probably saw snippets of this cinematic oddity. In a post-apocalypse America, Buddy Holly travels across the desert heading towards Las Vegas to try to become the next President Elvis; but along the way, he must battle his greatest nemesis: the Grim Reaper. This film has been out of print for years and skipped the Blu-Ray release right to 4K thanks to Vinegar Syndrome.

You can view the Six-String Samurai Trailer here

The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix: A common horror movie trope is that after all the slashing ends there are only girls left standing, having survived the worst of the worst – but what happens next? Final Girl Support Group is a novel about a survivor of a massacre who attends a therapy group with 5 other girls in a similar boat all trying to heal from their trauma; but then one goes missing. Gasp! Who will be the final-final girl? This book isn’t as dark as it sounds. It is definitely hard-genre horror, but it’s also wicked funny.

The Shaggs’ Own Thing: The Queens of outsider music and a personal favorite of Frank Zappa. The legend goes that the parents of the Wiggins sisters were told by a palm reader that their daughters would grow up to be famous pop stars, so they bought them instruments and whisked them to a studio to record their first album. The results are unique, to say the least. The next time a friend of yours says that they “listen to everything,” have them give a listen to "My Pal Foot Foot" and see what they think.

Take a listen to The Shaggs with "My Pal Foot Foot" here

Punderdome (Board Game): OK, so you've played Apples to Apples, and you’ve played Cards Against Humanity, but what if you took that same concept but every answer had to be a pun? Grins and groans galore in Punderdome! Two (or more) puns enter, 1 pun leaves.

Glow Cats: Tiny glow-in-the-dark cats in 6 playful poses. When in doubt just get glow cats; as many as you can fit in your pocket (probably around 10 depending on your pockets). Also comes in glow dogs.   


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