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Local Paranormal Investigators Claim To Capture Ghostly Image Of Soldier At Camp Chase Cemetery

10TV's Jeff Valin is finding out, some resident departed Confederates might not be resting easy.

"We won't know for sure if that was a Confederate or a Union-sided person, but certainly something was there,” explains Peggy Maguire of the Central Ohio Paranormal Society.

That something – which appears as a shadowy figure – was spotted at the Camp Chase Cemetery on Sullivant Avenue in Columbus, which holds the remains of some 2,600 Confederate soldiers.

Maguire continues, "Any time that you take a photograph for paranormal investigation purposes, you always want to take two shots in a row, of the exact same picture."  She dropped by the cemetery with some of her mates, when one snapped these two pictures, she says just seconds apart, for comparative purposes.

First photo (Image appears on tree trunk to the left)

 Second photo (Image disappears) 

Local legend says the Lady in Gray will visit this cemetery, and particularly, she's going there to visit the tombstone of Benjamin Allen, according to Maguire.   The photographer happened to be standing at Allen's grave when she took the photos. 

Did she capture a spirit energy?   The sun was low behind her, after all, and casting long shadows.

"At that time that she was taking the photos, no one else was back in that area with her,” Maguire responds.

Armed with several devices to detect energy fields beyond human range, she says those devices spiked in response to a rather touchy question.  "When we asked, 'As a Confederate soldier, how do you feel being buried in Ohio, which is a very Union state?' activity seemed to really increase."

Of course, definitive answers elude even those who believe fervently.  Go check it out for yourself though.   Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery is open daily, dawn to dusk.

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