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Local Donation By Women’s Group Makes Difference In Lives Of Children

The group 100 Women Who Care is providing money to local non-profit groups to make a difference in the community.

Lucinda Kirk is on a mission to grow the ranks of 100 Women Who Care.

After numbers fell off in recent years, the group is not living up to the number in its name.

“We meet four times a year. We meet for one hour,” said Lucinda. “We're rebuilding now and doing great.”

Each quarter, 100 Women Who Care hears from several non-profit groups. They then vote on which one to help with their donation.

After the vote, the members write checks for $100 to give to the winner.

In October, they picked “Dreams On Horseback.”

During a trip to the Blacklick barn, where the people of “Dreams On Horseback” work with children with cognitive or behavioral challenges, you can see what the gift meant.

The skilled volunteers and experts are doing therapeutic horseback riding.

“We're helping them develop life skills which will change their lives. Life skills like speech, problem solving, making friends,” added Jennifer Hansen, Dreams On Horseback Executive Director.

The money donated by 100 Women Who Care has made it possible to add an additional hour of riding lessons for the entire year. It means three more open slots every single week.

It means a lot to the children who take part in the riding.

“I love the horses… so much fun,” said Hannah McCaslin.

“You cannot put a price on lifelong change they're bringing to these kids’ lives and all the organizations they choose to support,” added Hansen.

For this month’s meeting, 100 Women Who Care selected “A Kid Again” as the group they are helping.

“It will bless our children enabling them to get out of the hospital -- get brothers and sisters -- and go be a kid again...have fun...forget about being sick just be a kid again,” said Jeffrey Damron, A Kid Again CEO.

Lucinda could not be happier about investing locally.

“It doesn’t go to a headquarters in another state,” added Lucinda. “We are making a difference.”