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Licking Co. Warden Accused Of Mishandling Dead Dogs

An animal advocate says video obtained from the county's animal shelter shows the dog warden mistreating dead animals. Get the details.

Animal advocates on Tuesday were calling for change at the Licking County Animal Shelter, aftera YouTube video showed dead dogs being dragged to an incinerator.

Bonnie Mansfield runs the Bark Animal Rescue in Buckeye Lake, and said rescuing and caring fordogs from the Licking County shelter is a regular part of her job, 10TV's Lindsey Seavertreported.

Mansfield said not every dog from the shelter is receiving the humane treatment itdeserves. 

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She acted on her suspicions that dogs were not being treated properly and filed a public recordsrequest, seeking video from the shelter's cameras on days dogs are euthanized in a gas chamber.

In September, Mansfield said Warden Jon Luzio dragged dead dogs on the ground before loadingthem into an incinerator.

"He just looks so insensitive," Mansfield said. "Look, the little thing just flops aroundthere.  It's unbelievable that our county dog warden is getting paid to do this."

Mansfield put the video on YouTube and as of Tuesday afternoon it had been viewed nearly 4,000times, Seavert reported.

"There has been quite an uproar over it," she said.
Luzio said he was targeted for simply doing his job, Seavert reported.

"It really hurts bad because I love animals and that's why I do what I do. To be portrayedimproperly, it hurts very much," Luzio said.

Luzio said it may appear callous, but the dogs were too heavy to carry for his bad back, Seavertreported.

"It sort of does look that way, these animals have been deceased for some time, just trying totransport them out of the freezer into the crematorium," Luzio said.

Luzio said he may change how he transports dead animals.

"I am not a heartless person in fact just the opposite," Luzio said.

Mansfield said that treatment is anything but humane.

"Even if the dogs are dead, you can't be insensitive, you are in the eye of the public, he has ajob to do and he should be doing it with some compassion," Mansfield said.

Animal advocates have organized a meeting in Kirkersville scheduled for Sunday afternoon todiscuss their call for change, Seavert reported.

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