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Janice And Brandon Beidleman

Janice And Brandon Beidleman

On Sept. 13, 1981, Janice Beidleman and her 18-month old son, Brandon, left the home of arelative in the area of Myrtle Avenue and Marcia Drive on the north side.

Janice Beidleman told several of her relatives that she was going to stop at a grocery store onthe way home to her residence on Beechwold Drive.

She was last seen driving away from her relative's home in her 1974 Chevrolet Vega with her sonBrandon in the back seat.

The following afternoon, Janice Beidleman's car was found beneath the Agler Road bridge justwest of Sunbury Road.   Janice Beidleman's body and Brandon Beidleman's body were bothfound floating nearby in Alum Creek.

Janice Beidleman had been beaten and strangled. Brandon Beidleman had been suffocated,investigators said.

Anyone with information about the slayings is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at614-461-8477.