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What we know about the Dayton shooter

All week, 10 Investigates has been looking into the background of Connor Betts, who police say is responsible for the Dayton mass shooting that left nine dead.

BELLBROOK, Ohio (WBNS) – All week, 10 Investigates has been looking into the background of Connor Betts, who police say is responsible for the Dayton mass shooting that left nine dead – including Bett’s own sister Megan and a friend – and injured dozens of others.

Newly released surveillance video shows Connor Betts in an Oregon District bar in the hours before police say he unloaded on a crowd.

This week, we’ve heard from former classmates who said Betts threatened to harm other students while in high school, that police investigated and that Betts was suspended. Sugarcreek Township Police, which has Bellbrook High School in its jurisdiction, has denied that there are any records related to this.

10 Investigates also interviewed Betts’ ex-girlfriend, Adelia Johnson, who said there were “yellow flags and one red flag” while they dated earlier this year.

She told 10 Investigates that Betts was fascinated by current events – including mass shootings and that he showed her video of one of their first date earlier this year.

Another “yellow flag” was when she said Betts called her up and said claims he told he wanted to harm others.

She says they bonded over the fact that they were both dealing with mental illness and that she urged Betts to seek treatment.

She says he never got the treatment he needed and she broke up with him over a “red flag” – involving a stalking incident with one of Betts’ ex-girlfriends.

“I am not shocked he did something horrific because he had untreated problems. … there were so many things that people aren’t going to know. I am shocked he did it to this level. I didn’t think he would go shoot strangers including his sister – I didn’t see that coming,” Johnson told 10 Investigates during a lengthy interview.

The FBI has said that Betts was fascinated with a violent ideology, Johnson was asked what she thought that meant:

“He talked to me about how people needed to take more action , any maybe start a little ruckus. He never mentioned anything to this scale or do anything this extreme just that quiet protests weren’t enough… there needs to be more direct action.”

Authorities have said that the gun involved was purchased legally through a firearms dealer – but modified and had large capacity drum magazines.

10 Investigates has learned a Kentucky company – Anderson Manufacturing – supplied a portion of the firearm known as the lower receiver – the same company also sells incomplete or partial receivers.

Products like that 80% or partial receivers have spurred debate because some incomplete receivers do not require a background check.

According to the ATF, an 80% percent or partial lower receiver, which has not been drilled or completed, does not require a background check because it is not considered to be a firearm.

The picture supplied by Dayton Police shows the lower receiver used in the mass shooting bears the Anderson Manufacturing logo.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Anderson Manufacturing said: “we manufactured the lower receiver used in this senseless tragedy.”

The spokeswoman, who declined to be named, said the company offered its condolences but that all of its products are compliant with federal gun laws.

Betts’ parents have not spoken publicly but released a statement Tuesday evening that thanked people for their well-wishes and thanked Dayton Police for a rapid response to the shooting.