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Video Released Of Alleged Bus Assault By Whitehall Driver

A family says it will file a lawsuit against a bus driver and the school district over the incident.

A Whitehall bus driver is facing charges, and now, the families of the alleged victims say they will be filing a lawsuit after alleged assaults are captured on security video.

The children's parents released the video as they announced plans to sue the district and the driver.  The video also has some revealing sound.  You hear the thud of a young girls head as Whitehall bus driver Christopher Litostansky pushes her against a window.

The Whitehall school bus video is from the morning of October 13th.  The parents of the 6-year-old girl to the left and the 11-year-old boy to the right in the video have asked 10TV to conceal their children's identities.

It begins when the boy - whose mother says is autistic - and can't communicate and begins to kick the girl across the aisle.  Bus driver Christopher Litostansky separates them.  He then brings out a strap and appears to tie the boy's legs.  The boy reaches across the aisle to pull the girls hair.  Litostansky separates them again. A ‘thud’ is heard as he pushes the girl to the bus window.

Litostansky tells the girl, “That's your fault. It's not a game. I'm trying to teach him not to do that. You sitting there smiling and stuff, laughing, teaches him it's a game and it's not."

Just minutes later, Litostansky grabs his umbrella and pokes the girl in the face eight times in 20 minutes.  Her parents say their girl had trouble staying awake on the long bus ride.  Litostansky then motions for the girl to get closer.

As he's driving a bus filled with several kids, he brings the girl close and appears to be cheek to cheek with her.  It's not seen what - if anything - Litostansky says or does to the girl at that point.

After that, he holds the girls hand, allowing her to tug on his arm for nearly five minutes as he's driving.  The girl then gets off the bus.

As another child leaves, Litostansky gently places his hand on the back of that boy's neck.

The girl’s mother says the alleged abuse of her daughter is not a one-time incident, believing it's gone on several months.  “She refers to the abuse as far back as Kindergarten.  To think that our daughter was tormented day after day after day,” explains Laura Brooks.

The families of the children say they're filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Whitehall Schools and Christopher Litostansky, who hasn't yet commented on the video. He's facing assault and endangering charges. 

Litostansky submitted a resignation letter to the Whitehall School District Wednesday afternoon.