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New allegations of sexual assault against former Columbus vice officer detailed in lawsuit

In a federal lawsuit, a woman claims she was raped twice by former vice officer Andrew Mitchell on two separate occasions.
Andrew K. Mitchell - Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio

In a federal lawsuit, a woman claims she was raped twice by former vice officer Andrew Mitchell on two separate occasions.

The woman’s attorney, David Goldstein, said she filed anonymously because she was in fear of retaliation – even though Mitchell is being held in federal custody facing federal charges for allegedly abusing his police powers – accused of coercing women into having sex under the threat of arrest and state charges of murder.

Mitchell has pleaded not guilty in both cases.

Goldstein says his client has been interviewed by authorities but was not sure if it was by the FBI’s Public Corruption Task Force which has been investigating the now-defunct Columbus police vice unit for more than a year.

Goldstein acknowledged that his client used to be a prostitute and struggled with drugs.

The lawsuit claims in 2017 that while Mitchell was on duty as a Columbus vice officer, Mitchell approached “Jane Doe” in an unmarked Jeep.

Mitchell allegedly showed his badge, learned the woman had outstanding warrants but told her “If you don’t want to go to jail, get in the back seat.”

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Mitchell handcuffed the woman and raped her Mitchell has not been charged with her rape.

When the two ran into each other again in February 2018, the lawsuit claims the woman got into an unmarked Cadillac not realizing it was Mitchell’s car but then immediately recognized him.

The lawsuit claims Mitchell told the woman “you’re going to jail this time,” but then proceeded to allegedly handcuff and rape her again.

The lawsuit alleges that Mitchell pushed the woman out of the car without her pants.

When asked if she was ever arrested by Mitchell, Goldstein told 10TV his client was not arrested by Mitchell during their encounters.

Goldstein said that his client never went to police with her claims because she was concerned no one would believe her.

Mitchell currently also faces state murder charges related to the August 2018 shooting death of Donna Castleberry. Castleberry was fatally shot while Mitchell was conducting a vice operation.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien argued in court documents that Mitchell’s use of deadly force “was far beyond the scope necessary to protect himself from any additional harm from Donna Castleberry.”

At the time of the shooting, police said that Castleberry stabbed Mitchell in the hand and that Mitchell returned fire.

But in a motion to hold Mitchell in custody without bond, O’Brien argues Castleberry did not know that Andrew Mitchell was a vice officer, noting that “when she questioned his status as a police officer and asked for his badge” he was unable to produce one since he left it on a uniform used for special duty. The motion also says he did have his “walkie” radio with him.

Reached for comment on the new federal lawsuit, Mitchell’s criminal attorney, Mark Collins, said he was unaware of the case and declined to comment.

The lawsuit also names the city of Columbus and unknown officers and claims the woman’s civil rights were violated.

A spokesman for the city attorney’s office – which represents the city – said he was not aware if the city had been served with the lawsuit and had no comment.