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What's Going Around: Is it cold or allergies?

We checked in with the experts at OhioHealth Urgent Care who say what's going around this week is confusion to many and difficult to diagnose.

What’s Going Around this week can be confusing to people with the symptoms.

Experts say they are seeing a lot of patients who think they have a cold or sinus infection but in fact, are suffering from environmental allergies.

You are more than familiar with symptoms like coughing or sneezing but how about your throat?

Medical experts say a sore throat is more likely to be cold-related along with fever, body aches and yes, the color of your mucus: if it is not clear you're likely to have an upper respiratory infection.

Dr. Glenn Williams, who is Medical Director for OhioHealth urgent care said with colds, symptomatic or supportive therapy is recommended.

“Over the counter nasal spray, saline nasal spray, decongestants, antihistamines, those are the typical go-to medications for symptom management of colds and upper respiratory infections," he said.

If you have environmental allergies, Dr. Williams said the over the counter antihistamines and nasal steroids provide relief.

In terms of prevention, ask any expert and you’ll be told it begins with good hygiene in the form of thorough and frequent hand washing.

They also recommend that you cough into your elbow and stay home from work if you have a fever.