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Want a stress-free holiday? Here's 7 ways to succeed

Seven ways to prepare your home in advance for holiday guests!

We’re one week away from Christmas. If you've waited until the last minute to prepare, have no fear!

10TV spoke with the experts who recommend 7 easy ways to prep your home for guests before they arrive.

Cook ahead: Cook all the stuff that can be prepared and frozen!

Free Up Closet Space: If you have guests staying with you, especially if you don't have a separate guest room, free up some space in a closet for them to stash their things.

Stock each Bathroom with plenty of Toilet Paper: This will help your guest avoid having to make the awkward ask mid-party.

Stock your snacks in advance: Get some canisters and fill them with pretzels, chips, popcorn -- things that won't go bad very quickly. Store them in plain view (maybe on the countertop) so, they'll already be ready to go when guests arrive.

Wash guest sheets and towels now: They can be folded and ready for use!

Pre-wrap your gifts: Or even easier -- throw them in gift bags.

Check the itinerary... and, create one yourself: Make sure to write down when each family member or friend arrives. This will help you create a schedule of airport pick-ups for yourself. Then, make a tentative schedule for your holiday activities or events! This will help you check off your list of needs and things to have!