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Local restaurant & catering company finds creative way to survive, give back to community

In an effort to give back to the community, The Berwick began giving 10% of orders to different organizations.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — One central Ohio restaurant and catering company is partnering with various organizations to help raise money and keep business going during the pandemic.

The Berwick launched their “Tour of Italy” in the fall when workers thought bringing their meals to communities would help with business.

In an effort to give back to the community, sales and event manager Stephanie Susi-Ochoa said the restaurant began to give 10% of orders to different organizations.

“Our business would not still be here today if it wasn’t for the Columbus community,” Susi-Ochoa said.

The idea of giving back started with her grandparents who founded The Berwick.

“They were always giving food to local churches and things and that’s something we carry with us.”

She said the restaurant has held more than 60 food trucks carrying their “Tour of Italy” since they started in the fall and has donated more than $16,000 to various organizations and schools.

“So many schools and organizations are struggling with fundraisers right now, they can’t do their regular events or fundraisers so if we can help them and they can help us it’s a win-win situation,” Susi-Ochoa said.

The week of February 15, the Berwick will partner with Pelotonia, offering 10% of their orders to the cause.

“A dollar today for cancer research is so much more important than a dollar last year. When you think about all the research dollars that have, rightfully so gone to COVID, there are things we need to continue to advance on the cancer research side of things,” said Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships for Pelotonia Eric Olsavsky.

Susi-Ochoa said the partnership with Pelotonia goes deeper for her family than just doing good for the community. She lost her aunt Raffaella Susi Ehren to cancer years ago.

“Soon after she passed is when our family personally became very invested into cancer research and they started riding in Pelotonia and that's what makes us very excited to partner with them is we've done that in the past,” she said.

An anonymous donor will also double the money raised from the fundraiser this week.

Orders for the fundraiser are taken two days prior to pick up, if you are interested in taking part or knowing more about the “Tour of Italy” click here.

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