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Columbus Art Walks go virtual, creating safe city adventures

Exploring Columbus in a fun, safe and healthy way.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — While the weather is nice, there are still plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the City of Columbus, including the Columbus Art Walks.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Art Walks have gone virtual.

“Obviously with the pandemic we’re very concerned about social distancing and making sure people stay healthy and safe but we still want people to enjoy our community and enjoy all the great culture that we have and the beautiful sights that we have,” said Dr. Mysheika Roberts, Columbus Health Commissioner.

Before the pandemic hit, the Columbus Art Walks would be held in large groups with tour guides at certain times each week.

Now, in order to go on an Art Walk, just download the City of Columbus smart phone app, pick a neighborhood, pick a path and get to walking, looking and listening.

“Do it at your own time,” Dr. Roberts said. “If it works for you to go on a Monday at noon, you can take your best friend, your household, your bubble; take your phone, dial in and take the walk of your choice.”

Dr. Roberts has one reminder for anyone heading out around the city.

“I would just remind people that even when they’re out and about walking, whether it’s with their family, close friends or their bubble, that they should definitely wear a mask or at least have one handy so if they get around crowds or other people who they don’t know, they can easily put that mask on,” she said.

To explore Art Walk options, click here.