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Stores offering help for shoppers with a food plan

Some chains are offering registered dietitians to help shoppers stick to their diet plans.

There are some basic rules to remember when you’re working to eat more nutritiously.

Registered nutritionists say the new theme is to make sure you have a plant. Kroger registered dietitian nutritionist Katy Keogh said whether it’s a fruit or vegetable, “It doesn't matter if it's fresh, frozen, dried, canned, or packed in a hundred percent juice.”

Grocery store chains, including Kroger and Giant Eagle, offer dietitian services through their pharmacies or in-store clinics. It is more than a matter of profit but also providing access. There is even an application called "Opt Up." It helps search for foods and set your dietary plan, whether it’s ketogenic, gluten-free, or low carb.

Keogh said, “Everything has a score, nutrition rating to it and then you can scan items obviously. This is good for Kroger, but you can use it at other grocery stores as well and scan items."

You can also shop with convenience. Keogh said it is important to remember that when you are shopping, that pre-packaged produce items can be nutritious.

Food prepping is another strategy nutrition experts recommend. Keogh suggested a so-called sheet pan meals, “It’s just a foil pouch of fish, choose any seasonings you'd like, add some vegetables tossed in oil add maybe baby potatoes and then the whole pan goes in the oven."

Whether you're trying keto, low-fat or some other weight loss plan, medical experts say your objective is to follow a 'diet' that is reasonable and sustainable. It's best to talk with your health care provider before you start any diet and exercise program to help find the right option for you.