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Social media campaign designed to get more black men interested in medicine

Social media push to highlight the low numbers of black men in medicine and why increasing the ranks is important.

There's a shortage of black men in medicine which experts say can be harmful to our health.

A new social media movement inspired to highlight the low numbers of black men in the medical field is now the subject of a number of 'tweets' and posts.

It comes after a study from the Association of American Medical Colleges reveals that fewer black men are enrolling in medical school now than in 1978.

Black doctors across the country--- including several from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have joined the effort to reverse the trend.

OSU Wexner gastroenterologist Darrel Gray, II, said it's more than numbers. He said diversity reflected in the population should be reflected in the ranks of the people who practice medicine.

"As we're seeing more diverse communities-- particularly underrepresented minorities, immigrants, refugees our physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners... should represent that population as well," said Dr. Gray.

He and his colleagues are using #Black Men in Medicine to get their message out to young people considering college and careers in medicine.

Doctors are also encouraging their colleagues nationwide to help provide visible role models of black men in medicine, highlight achievements of black men in medical school, and to inspire black men to pursue careers in medicine.