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Personal trainers focus on virtual workouts with no January gym rush this year

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to use what we have at home.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to use what we have at home.  

That’s made working out quite the challenge.  

“It’s difficult but it’s not, not fixable,” said Terasha Barwick-Long, a personal trainer and fitness instructor.  

This is a challenge she accepts head-on. This year, she told 10TV the usual January gym rush won’t exist this year. And that’s no problem at all.  

“I do have my in-person classes already but for a lot of people who can’t make it through work schedules, or who are more at risk, then we work through that by making FaceTime or Zoom appointments,” said Barwick-Long.  

Turns out, the living room is where many will be breaking a sweat. That now presents another challenge.  

The hardest part of going to the gym used to be getting up and going.  

Now, Barwick-Long said it’s harder to keep your eye on the prize.  

“It’s harder for people to stay connected and stay within the mindset that those people are still present with me, even though I’m not face-to-face with them,” said Barwick-Long.  

So, to make sure her clients stay focused and don’t feel alone, Barwick-Long has created group chats with daily check-ins. For those who do go in person to workout, face coverings are required, and they do offer personal sessions.  

Barwick-Long said the real determination comes from, well, you.  

No matter if you’re gym is at home, or across town, if your heart’s in it, COVID, won’t stop you.  

“I think that this method will last longer. If you’re committed to staying motivated on a workout routine and you’re sitting at home not being a couch potato, then I am confident that you would come to the gym or stay at home, and stay within workouts,” said Barwick-Long.  

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