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OhioHealth encouraging people to wait until fully vaccinated before having surgery

Health officials are suggesting you wait to schedule certain procedures until you've received the vaccine.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — During the height of the pandemic, a lot of people postponed surgeries and certain medical procedures out of precaution.  

In 2021, as more people get vaccinated, they may be scheduling those procedures soon.  

OhioHealth is warning the public to be mindful about how soon people get surgical procedures done after getting their COVID vaccines.  

Dr. Joseph Gastaldo said people should wait until they are fully vaccinated, which means two weeks after getting their first dose of the Johnson & Johnson or after the second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.  

That does not just apply for surgeries, though. 

Gastaldo said that also goes for procedures like colonoscopies or dental work because medical staff wants to be sure their patients are free of any possible symptoms from those vaccines.  

“A proceduralist would not want anyone to have vaccine side effects like a fever, nausea or headache after a procedure,” Gastaldo said.  

“Those symptoms can also be indicative of a post-procedure a post-surgical complication. In a perfect world, we would like to have people would be fully vaccinated before they have procedures done if possible; but it really depends upon how urgent the surgery or procedure needs to be done,” Gastaldo continued. 

Gastaldo added if someone decides to have a procedure done in between a first and second dose, the second dose will have to be delayed until they are fully recovered from surgery.  

He said it really comes down to an individual conversation with your doctor or surgeon and how you might react to the COVID-19 vaccines.