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Parents discuss pros and cons of the COVID vaccine for children

While some parents are eager to get their child vaccinated, some parents are holding off on getting their kid the shot.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Every parent knows that feeling of being totally helpless.

Karyn Nicoll was at the Linden Community Center getting her COVID-19 booster vaccination shot, last week. Her 7-year-old daughter, Cora, was getting her first dose.

Getting the vaccine is a no-brainer for their family.

“It was important because there’s lots of people who we know and love…friends and family…who are immunocompromised and, you know, people that we want to be around,” Nicoll said. “And, I feel more confident being around them if we are protected so we can help protect them.”

Not every parent, though, is rushing to the front of the vaccine line.

Julie Joseph is a mother-of-two and a grandmother to a 5-year-old grandson. She’s not against those who decide to get the vaccine. She says that understanding and acceptance is not often returned to her.

“In this society it’s almost impossible to not be attacked,” she said.

She’s not against the vaccine. She is, however, more skeptical of the younger side of that new 5-11 age range. Even with health professionals saying the vaccine is safe, Joseph thinks it came out too quickly and questions its safety.

“Something just tells me to leave it and not to trust it,” she said. “I know that sounds really odd to most people, but…I know people who have had issues since they’ve had the vaccine.”

Every parent knows that feeling of being totally helpless.

But for parents on both sides of this conversation backed by experts, opinions and gut feelings, they are doing what they believe is best for their families.

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