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COVID-19 booster shot helping Central Ohio man stay connected with family

For Don Caldwell, his four grandchildren mean the world to him. They're the reason why he's eager to get a COVID-19 booster shot so he can stay close to them.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Center of Disease Control and Prevention panel voted to recommend booster doses of Pfizer’s vaccine for people older than 65 and other vulnerable Americans on Thursday.

That's a topic Don Caldwell has been keeping up with. 

Caldwell is 69 years old, but four little ones run his world.  

"I’ve got four grandkids and they are probably the most important things in my life,” Caldwell said.

And just like practically everything during the pandemic things had to change.

"It prevented our family from getting together because we're a very close-knit family, I couldn't even see my grandkids and that really.... that’s really hurt. It hurt a lot,” Caldwell said.

He doesn’t want to miss another day with them or another moment.  

Caldwell’s fearful that things could get worse, but the booster shot  

CDC advisors voted to recommend booster shots also for nursing home residents and people between the ages 50- 64 with risky underlying health problems.  

Caldwell won't waste any time getting his booster shot because the shot is what will keep him and his grandkids connected.  

Governor Mike DeWine issued a statement on the availability of booster doses in Ohio:

“We have been closely following the discussions and developments on COVID-19 vaccine booster doses. The experts have stressed that those at risk for the most severe outcomes from COVID-19 should be eligible for booster doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine,” said Governor DeWine. “Ohioans should rest assured that they will be able [to] get their booster dose. As we have said since the beginning of the pandemic, our goal is to save lives. In alignment with federal partners, prioritization of specific high-risk groups will allow us to continue to save lives as we work toward getting the COVID-19 pandemic under control.” 

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