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Seniors upset Medicare won't cover at-home COVID-19 tests

The Central Ohio Agency on Aging said Medicare will not cover the at-home tests but does cover tests in a medical facility like a doctor's office.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Kathy Anne Wood has tried to isolate as much as possible for her grandson.

“My concern is my 22-month-old grandson, who I watch every day and I don't want to expose him,” she said.

But, sometimes you can only do so much. Wood tried to get COVID tests through Medicare, once she found out private insurance providers are required to cover eight COVID tests every 30 days.

“When I went to see if there was a list of preferred pharmacies, there's nothing listed,” she said.

The Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging says Medicare will not cover the at-home tests.

“Medicare will cover the testing if it's provided in a medical facility like a doctor’s office or hospital or something like that,” said Andy Haggard, Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging.

Leaving seniors like Wood frustrated.

“They tell us that we're the most at-risk population because of our age and yet they don't support us in making those things available to us,” said Wood.

According to the Medicare website, if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, your tests may be covered.

Reminder, one household can get four free COVID tests through the federal government. You just need to go to COVIDtests.gov. The tests will ship in 7-12 days.

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