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Natalie’s Music Hall and Kitchen to require proof of vaccination for staff, performers, customers

Co-owner Charlie Jackson said the new COVID-19 policy will take effect on Aug. 11.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — At Natalie's Music Hall and Kitchen in Grandview and Worthington, co-owner Charlie Jackson said they've made a decision to keep the dozens of staff, hundreds of performers who tour through, and countless more customers -- safe.

“We just felt like this was the smart thing for us to do right now knowing it would be controversial in some quarters,” Jackson said. "For us, it was just the smart thing to do."

Starting next Wednesday a proof of COVID vaccination will be required, or proof of a negative covid test, for entry.

“We have already been given notice that some of the touring acts are wanting to know what the COVID policy is and probably would want to cancel the show if they didn't feel as though we had solid covid policies in place,” he said. 

This, as cases and hospitalizations are on a steady incline in Ohio.

Dr. Mark Herbert, an infectious disease doctor at Mount Carmel, said Tuesday there is another concerning trend.

"The age of the people being admitted to the hospitals recently appears to be less. And the number of medical conditions that have affected these people that might lead them to infection is less,” he explained. “So in summary that's younger and healthier people getting admitted to the hospital with complications of COVID."

For Charlie Jackson, the decision is one to ensure safety, so the beat goes on.

"A lot of our customers have already said they're vaccinated,” he said. “They feel comfortable coming out especially in our environment because they know we're still taking this very seriously."