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Mask sales up in central Ohio following CDC updated guidance

Adobe Digital Economy Index shows mask sales went up 24% the week following the CDC’s guidance.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Since the CDC released new mask guidance at the end of July, mask sales nationwide are up.

A mask manufacture based out of Westerville saw a similar trend. 

Debbie Neo started NeoPPE to combat price gouging at the beginning of the pandemic.

Her family operates a contamination control company in Hong Kong that also manufactures surgical-grade N95, respirators, and 3-ply masks for children and adults.

“When we first started everyone was seeing these counterfeit masks coming in so we were very focused on quality,” said Neo.

Recently, Neo said sales were going quiet from April to June this year, and the business was about to pivot to other contamination control products. 

Then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new mask guidance, and sales spiked on the growing spread of the delta variant of COVID-19

“In the past two or three weeks we have gotten more orders than we have gotten in the past 2 to 3 months,” said Neo.

Now she says smaller orders are going to families in Ohio preparing for school, and larger government and hospital contacts have returned. 

Neo does not expect a mask shortage but shipping costs are four to six times higher than this time last year.

According to the Adobe Digital Economy Index, mask sales went up 24% the week following the CDC’s guidance. Online mask sales increased 40% last week.