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How will Ohio's statewide 10 p.m. curfew be enforced?

While the curfew is an order, DeWine is not expecting law enforcement to pull people over.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gov. DeWine's curfew go into effect Thursday night, but who will enforce it?

The governor's office is hoping people will abide by the order.

“We aren't looking for a heavy hand here we don't want to put law enforcement in a difficult position on the other hand this is a serious matter and we need to deal with it,” DeWine said.

Starting Thursday, DeWine wants all Ohioans home at 10 p.m., and not to be back out until 5 a.m., with exceptions.

What happens if people don't listen?

Columbus Public Health said in a statement "the curfew is a state order from the governor, and we have not received information on enforcement."

“Our team is having calls now with local law enforcement, and again, we do not expect law enforcement to pull people over because they are out beyond 10 o'clock. But if they are seeing something going on, this is a way that law enforcement can walk up to them and say 'hey guys, you are here, you are hanging out at a gas station' or you are here or there you are congregating together and there is a curfew and why don't you just go home,” DeWine said.

Law enforcement leaders like Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp took to social media to say his "deputies will not be making random traffic stops of those in our community going about their everyday lives. As with past orders, establishments who violate the order will be reported to the Licking County Health Department who then would have the ability to take appropriate action."