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What to know as federal unemployment assistance ends for Texans

There is a chance that extra money each week could come back or even be extended, but that depends on Washington.

HOUSTON — As lawmakers continue to hash out the logistics of what another round of stimulus could look like, that first round of financial aid for those in Texas is set to end Saturday.

Here’s what’s happening in Washington: We all know the government agreed on the first round of stimulus money back in March. That gave most Americans a check of up $1,200 to spend.

The government then gave all those who lost their job during the pandemic an extra $600 a week, but that extra $600 for Texans ends Saturday, which means your weekly check will drop down to the normal weekly benefit amount.

Now there is a chance that extra money could come back or even be extended, but that depends on Washington.

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If Republicans and Democrats can agree, more money could be on the way. Democrats want to extend the $600, but many Republicans want it to be less, hence, the uncertainty.

So what should you do in the meantime? If you can work, Workforce Solutions says there are jobs available and they can help.

“While people may think it’s not possible to get a job in the COVID environment, it’s quite the opposite, there are still employers who are hiring and we are giving everybody the kind of advice that they need," said Michelle Castrow, Workforce Solutions Manager.

But, as you know, applying for a job these days can be very different.

“You’re not doing the pen and paper applications, everything is happening online. So how do you do that to stand out?” Castrow said.

Castrow said all of their help is free, and they can teach you everything from how to craft your resume to how to conduct yourself in a virtual interview.

“Make sure that you have looked in the camera and tested it. Practice with a friend. See what you look like. See what your background looks like because all of those things have an influence," Castrow said.

But as for as for more influence coming from the government, another stimulus appears to be very likely. Both parties have agreed it’s a priority.

But just how much it will be is what’s up for debate. We hope to learn more on Monday.

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