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'Don't let your guard down': Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie shares COVID-19 experience

Governor DeWine asked Chris Christie to share his story as Ohio sets new record for COVID-19 cases.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — On Thursday, Gov. Mike DeWine wanted Ohioans to hear first-hand how dangerous COVID-19 is and asked former New Jersey Chris Christie to share his story after reading his Op-Ed piece in the New York Times.

Christie recounted his days in the ICU and told Ohioans if you don’t mask-up, there is nowhere to hide.

“It was a frightening experience. I want people to understand it's the most unpredictable and random virus you've ever seen. Don't let your guard down. I made a huge mistake by taking that mask off. As tired as you are of wearing the mask, and washing your hands, you will take those days in a heartbeat compared to getting this disease,” Christie said.

Christie said he got the coronavirus after attending the Rose Garden ceremony announcing Amy Cony Barrett as the pick to be on the US Supreme Court.

The event turned out to be a super spreader of the virus.

Christie said, like everyone else at the event, he tested negative prior to attending and took his mask off.

He said he spent his time in the ICU behind two-inch thick glass and had to communicate with nurses using a whiteboard.

Christie said the virus affected him physically and psychologically as he began to wonder if he would live or die.