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Doctors making house calls amid COVID-19 pandemic

Every time Dr. Ryan Cantzler walks up to a patient’s house, he knows he’s providing more than just medical care.

Every time Dr. Ryan Cantzler walks up to a patient’s house, he knows he’s providing more than just medical care. 

“You can sit on your couch, you can sit on your porch, you can have your water or lemonade and it’s really your time,” Cantzler said. "You can take as long as you want to tell us your concerns so we can help you out.”

Cantzler is one of several physicians, PA’s and nurse practitioners who make up Mobile Med. The company started in 2019 when Cantzler’s partner wanted to find a way to give back to the community.

“He thought of things like Uber and DoorDash and Amazon and thought why can’t we do that for provider visits for medical needs for urgent care,” explains Cantzler.

The process is simple. People can download an app to contact Mobile Med and set up an appointment from there whether it’s during the day, night or weekends.

Sarah Milo used Mobile Med for herself in 2019 when she was ill.  But it was in the Spring of 2020 that she says the service saved her son’s life.

“They arrived in 15 minutes and said he might have the flu,” she recalls. “But the next day he had more symptoms.”  

Milo says her son's arms became swollen and out of concern she texted Mobile Med

“He said you have to rush to the hospital, something could be wrong with him,” Milo added. 

Her son had sepsis and was in toxic shock.  In the days after his recovery, Milo says Mobile Med was in constant contact – at no extra cost – to check on her son’s condition.

“So, it’s really like a concierge service and to have someone reply like that it was a lifesaver pretty much,” the mom of two said with a smile.

Besides the convenience factor, families say they’re more relieved not having to take their children to a medical setting where COVID-19 transmission is more possible compared to their own homes.

Cantzler says if the medical team needs to go inside a home, they have PPE, gowns and goggles to protect themselves and the patients from potential COVID-19 exposure. 

Parents like Kirsten Menhart say having an urgent care on wheels is a lifesaver, especially during a pandemic.

“I work full time and we are remote learning with another family and we rotate days so every minute of our day counts right now,” she said. “Anything we can do to make it easier and not have to drag all the kids in the car and disrupt school is helpful.”