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DeWine says he doesn't know how he contracted coronavirus

DeWine said on Thursday that he's unaware of how he contracted the coronavirus.

BREAKING UPDATE: Gov. Mike DeWine tested negative for the virus in a second test administered Thursday afternoon. MORE INFO >>>


On Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine revealed that he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Asked during a press conference held via Zoom from his home in Cedarville, DeWine said he was not sure how he contracted the virus.

"Where did I get it? I have no idea," DeWine said. "You're watching me on the front porch at our home, a home that we've lived in since 1974 and basically since the virus came on, since we started dealing with the coronavirus in March, Fran [DeWine] and I have lived out of here. We were living out of here during the weekend, but we left the governor's residence, we came here, we have a farm that goes down that way. 

"We're very, very careful with who we see. We have two daughters that live down the road, we have four grandchildren. But even with them, we wear a mask when we walk down there, we keep our distance. Both of our daughters are pregnant and expecting babies and we're very excited about that, but we keep our distance there."

The 73-year-old DeWine underwent a rapid coronavirus test as a part of the procedure to greet President Donald Trump upon his arrival in Cleveland for a visit on Thursday. 

The governor is not presently showing any symptoms and underwent another test for the coronavirus in Columbus before returning to his Cedarville residence.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted also underwent a coronavirus test in Cleveland and tested negative.