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Circleville prom dress shop owner sees business start to rebound ahead of new guidelines

Governor DeWine said this week that new guidelines will be released for proms.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Prom night is one many teens dream of their entire lives. 

Governor Mike DeWine said this week he will be releasing ways proms can happen safely.

“People are dancing, you know slow dance, they're obviously gonna be closer than 6 feet…we're not stupid,” said Governor Mike DeWine.

The Governor announced on Monday health orders will be simplified when it comes to big gatherings, like proms.

“We’re not asking people to do crazy things, but be careful just be careful on how you put on the event,” said Governor DeWine.

For Uniquely Yours, a prom dress shop in Circleville, this year is already an improvement from last year.

“[Last year there were] probably 45 layaways that were never picked up, then the dresses that I had purchased weren't paid for yet, so easily $100,000,” said Pam Eversole, the shop’s owner.

Before the pandemic, Eversole says she'd sell about 600 dresses. So far this year, she's sold about 200.

“I've probably done close to 40% more than what I had anticipated, so it's been great,” said Eversole.

She says preparing for this year was a challenge, with proms across Central Ohio up in the air.

“Girls want the most current dresses, so I had to get some, but I didn't wanna put a lot of expense in it,” she said.

DeWine has yet to release the specifics about his plan for proms. 10TV reached out to his office for more details but have yet to hear back.

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