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Breaking down who is behind Gov. DeWine's COVID-19 defense teams

Licking and Delaware County Health Commissioners say they’ve being doing much of what the governor has been asking for.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When it comes to COVID-19 cases, nearly every county in Ohio is dealing with higher numbers.

“We are definitely seeing an increase in cases,” said Chad Brown, Health Commissioner for Licking County.

“On Sept. 28, we had 156 active cases. As of this morning (Oct. 30) we're at 290,” said Shelia Hiddleson, Delaware County Health Commissioner.

On Thursday, Gov. Mike DeWine announced the formation of COVID-19 defense teams throughout the state. Every county will have one.

The teams will be made up of people from the medical field, mayors, religious leaders and businesses. DeWine said the teams will inform the public about what is happening in the community.

“That's something we've been doing since March. Meeting with community leaders and we've been planning for this. We've been planning for a pandemic for years. We knew if something happened we needed to rely on those relationships,” Brown said.

“We've been working with our public safety, with our EMS, EMA, county commissioners, our townships, our trustees,” Hiddleson said.

Under the governor's plan, the goal is to bring more people to the table to help find new solutions to a major problem - COVID-19 fatigue.

“We are tired. I think all of us are tired and we want to get back our normal activities as the numbers keep going up,” Hiddleson said.

“I do think the folks are getting worn out what we call 'COVID fatigue syndrome.' I think you're seeing some of that,” Brown said.

What concerns health experts is that people may be forgetting how dangerous the virus is.

“People need to realize the virus is still here and it's still serious,” Brown said.

While at the same time, keeping the virus from spreading to the most vulnerable.

“Let's just be kind to one another and do our part to keep those numbers down,” Hiddleston said.

Delaware County currently has 163.98 cases per 100,000 people.

Licking County currently has 244.82 cases per 100,000.

Licking County is at a Level 3, which is Red.

Delaware County is at a Level 2, which is Orange.

You can see where your county stands here.