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Hocking County resident thankful to receive COVID-19 vaccine; urges everyone to vaccinate

Paul Blosser wants everyone to vaccinate when they are able to.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Let’s look at life as chapters in a book.

You have the beginning, the end and everything in the middle.

“I’ve seen a little bit of everything. I worked on the railroad for 42 years,” said 97-year-old Paul Blosser.

Blosser lives in Logan, Ohio. If you took a glance at pictures of him, you’d see he’s always doing something and moving.

But lately, he’s had to cut back on a lot of things because of the pandemic; including his morning trips to McDonald's!

On Thursday morning, he took a trip to get his COVID-19 vaccination.

He told 10TV it has given him a second wind, covering him in a blanket of protection.

“I feel great. I have no aches and pains…I’m lucky,” said Blosser.

Lucky and carefree. Watching over this free spirit is his grandson, Jake Howdyshell.

“Knowing that he can be protected now, he’s definitely got several more good years in him and it's never a reason to let something that could potentially be prevented take him out early,” said Howdyshell.

So, when it’s your turn to get the vaccine, whether that’s next week or several months from now, Blosser asks you to do so.

He is looking forward to writing more chapters in his book after he gets his second dose.

Blosser wants others to finish writing their chapters too.

“Do the same thing. It protects you from something big,” said Blosser.