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Health leaders concerned about decline in measles vaccination rate for kids

According to the CDC and WHO, 22 million infants missed this vaccine last year.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — There's a new warning from the CDC and world health organization that right now we're at an increased risk for a measles outbreak.

Health leaders say 22 million infants missed their measles vaccine last year.

Taking a look at the numbers closer to home, a recent report from Nationwide Children's Hospital reveals there was a 5-6% decrease in the vaccination rate for the thousands of kids who get it through that hospital system during the pandemic.

Dr. Sara Bode says measles is a virus that can be pretty severe for kids.

“The thing about measles that's important to know is it's incredibly easy to pass. It's very contagious so once one person with measles is around others that are unvaccinated that will quickly spread and become an outbreak,” she said.

Dr. Bode said doctors recommend two doses for children; the first around age one and the next at age four.

She said it’s key to get it completed before they enter kindergarten.

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