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May Is National Bike Month

Biking in Columbus from Columbus Public Health

There are Great Places to Ride

Columbus Art Rides
Columbus Art Rides is a self-guided bicycling map and audio tour of several districts in Columbus highlighting public art, architecture, and historical sites.

Columbus Metro Bike Map Route  
Regional maps of bike routes around central Ohio.

Central Ohio Greenways Trails
An extensive series of trails that wind through picnic areas, boating area, fishing facilities and family-friendly parks.

There Are Places That Make it Easy to Ride

Bike Share offers a whole new perspective to seeing our wonderful city that even Columbus natives may have never experienced and tourists will definitely enjoy.

COTA Bike & Bus
Every COTA bus has two bike racks located at the front of the bus which are free and easy to use. Just load your bike on the bike rack and jump on board.

Bike Parking  
Accessible and secure bicycle parking encourages people to get where they need to go on their bicycle with a variety of parking options.

Pedal Instead
Free, secure bicycle parking stations at festivals and other events, helping reduce event traffic congestion and promote bicycling for transportation.

For more information, maps and find out some bike events in Columbus here.