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Local trainer offers workouts for any environment

Struggling to get a workout in? No worries. 10TV talked with a local trainer about some exercises that can be done anywhere.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WBNS) – By now, many may have tried a variety of workouts from home to stay in shape during this stay-at-home order.

But if it’s been tough to find something accessible, between working from home, helping the kids learn from home and health concerns, that’s okay.

10TV talked with 11 Athletics owner and trainer, Todd Johnson, about a few exercises that can be done anywhere.


One of the simplest moves just requires a wall.
Back up against a flat surface, keeping your legs at a 90-degree angle and hold.
Start with 30 seconds and work your way up to more.


Another exercise requiring little movement on the joints is a squat.
Hold it or add movement, up and down, for a little extra pressure.
Start with 10 and add more over time.
You can also split your squats up between legs to isolate your muscles, toning one leg at a time.


To target arms, classic pushups can be done on just about any surface.
If you want to mix things up, you can draw your knees in one at a time to the opposite elbow to activate your ab muscles.


To keep things moving, add a bear crawl forward and backward.
It looks easy but the move will work your shoulders, quads, and abs.


Finally, maybe running isn’t for you but you want to get your heart rate up.
Try a variation of the infamous burpee.
It’s a combination of a jump, with or without tucking your knees, and a pushup.

For a full challenge, check this out:

11 Athletics

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