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Getting the most out of your sleep

More than 30-percent of Americans get fewer than six hours of sleep per night.

Julia Graham's first day back at work after maternity leave was uneventful. She said she was rested and ready after giving birth to her second child.

Five years ago, before her first child was born, it was definitely a different scenario.

"I was definitely snoring, tossing and turning, just constantly feeling like I was exhausted," she said.

A sleep study revealed severe sleep apnea and she was diagnosed a C-Pap machine.

OhioHealth Family Physician Dr. Matthew Kunar speaks from experience when helping patients who have trouble getting the most out of their sleep.

Throughout his residency, he went long stretches of time without sleep. He offers this advice:

"Have a sleep schedule, try to go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, every day."

Dr. Kunar also recommends putting away the electronics, turning off the t-v and if you can, keep a bedroom temperature that requires at least a light blanket.

"Getting good exercise, even if it's walking your seven thousand steps a day, getting up, moving also helps you sleep at night," he said.

Good rest can help avoid hypertension, weight gain, depression, anxiety and many other health problems. But most of all experts link it to improved quality of your daily life.

"I'm not wanting to take cat naps throughout the day", Graham said. "I'm still able to come home from work and go to all my kids' functions, not feeling drained."