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Chicago K9 Receives Hip Replacement At Ohio State

Ohio State's Veterinary Medicine College has made a worldwide name for its veterinary medicine program and you're about to meet one of its recent patients.
Chicago K9 Receives Hip Replacement At Ohio State

With a wag of his tail, Eddie the K-9 cop, greeted his partner.  Officer Chad Rezny was relieved to see how well Eddie came through major surgery.  For more than seven years, the two have worked together near Chicago, for the Alsip Illinois police department.

"He's been there for me to be my first line of defense,” says Chad Rezny, Alsip Illinois Police Officer. 

Eddie sniffs out drugs and stops suspects.  Chad says Eddie took the lead to help save him from armed robbers. But then, Eddie began to favor his rear hind leg.  Scans showed the dog needed a total hip replacement. His vet recommended Dr. Jonathan Dice and his team at OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine. They've done 1,500 dog hip replacements, and train vets around the world.

The doc says Eddie's surgery was routine.  Less than 24 hours after surgery, Eddie was using his leg very well and was acting like nothing was wrong.

Chad helped his partner into their squad car for the trip back to Chicago, and after some  rest, more years catching bad guys.  “It's going to make him more comfortable, and hopefully, it's going to make him better at what he does, which will enable me to do my job better,” adds Officer Rezny.

OSU veterinarians perform 100 dog hip replacements each year -- more than anywhere else in the world.