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Franklin County Jail Personnel Ferried By Boat To Work Because Of Flooding

Heavy rain covers Jackson Pike in front of the Franklin County Jail, completely blocking the entrance.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The downpours mother nature delivered to Central Ohio Saturday caused major problems for the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

The road leading to the county jail became impassable because of high flood waters and personnel had to be ferried by boat to the facility.

"This is an experience of a lifetime,” said nurse Paula Marcum who works at the jail.

Marcum and two other nurses took a boat ride to the jail Saturday night because high flood waters washed out Jackson Pike.

"It is going to be a memorable event for the rest of my life,” said Marcum.  “Never once have I ridden a boat into work."

Dive teams from the Franklin County Sheriff's department were called in to ferry the nurses and other personnel to the jail. 

The sheriff said the road leading to the facility sits in a low lying area and has flooded before. 

"It has probably flooded at least four times, good size, where the road was shut down, but as far as this level, apparently there's a car submerged back there and we're waiting for it to recede,” said Sheriff Zack Scott.

Scott added the jail did get some minor flooding during Saturday's downpours but everything is now contained.

"The basement is flooded somewhat,” he said   The inmates, everybody is safe in the building but we just have to make sure that the staff is not too exhausted and that they have food.”

The waters finally receded and Jackson Pike was re-opened late Saturday night.

The sheriff said the driver whose car was submerged in the flood waters did manage to get to safety and was not injured.

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