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Former Ohio State Football Star Sues After Being Cleared Of Road Rage Charge

A former football star with the Buckeyes is filing a lawsuit against police in Delaware.

A former Ohio State University football star, who was cleared of all charges in a road-rage case, is now suing the police department that investigated.

Delaware Police accused James Stillwagon of shooting at another driver, grazing him in the head. But Stillwagon's case was ultimately thrown out. 

Stillwagon says Delaware Police destroyed evidence and coerced people into changing their stories - all to make an innocent man guilty.

"We don't know why Delaware did this to me, but they can do this to you. They can do this to you, they could do this to anybody,” said Stillwagon.

The Delaware Police Department would not comment, saying it couldn't discuss pending litigation. However, they did confirm the city received the lawsuit Thursday morning.

Delaware police originally said that 63-year-old Stillwagon and Richard Mattingly were involved in a 14-mile-long road rage incident in September 2012. Stillwagon was on his motorcycle, Mattingly in his pickup. It ended with Stillwagon firing shots at Mattingly.
But on the stand, Mattingly admitted he was drinking at the time and driving "like an idiot.” Stillwagon's attorneys argued that Mattingly was the aggressor, and Stillwagon only acted in self-defense.

A judge ended up dimissing the charges.

Stillwagon was a star defensive lineman with Ohio State. He was a three-year starter from 1966-1970. He was an All-American as a junior and senior and was the first-ever recipient of the Lombardi Award, given to the year’s best college football lineman or linebacker.