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Firefighters Rescue Driver Of Semi-Truck Hanging Off Bridge After Crash

A truck crash on state Route 315 forces a semi almost off of a bridge.

A crash near downtown Columbus caused a semi to hang off of a bridge Thursday afternoon while the driver had to be freed.

The crash occurred around 11:40 a.m. on state Route 315 Northbound at West Towne Street.

The crash forced northbound traffic on State Route 315 North to be closed for more than two hours.

A neighbor who heard the crash says it sounded like a bomb exploding.  “It went kaboom!  We looked out and it was smoking and we seen the truck go over,” exclaimed eyewitness Dan Wagner.

Police say the driver kept shouting “I'm ok,” but rescuers told 10TV they were nervous the unstable semi - hanging just feet away from power lines - could still come crashing down. 

Columbus firefighters rushed to secure the wreckage and used a ladder truck to send a bucket and rescue the trapped driver. 

Medics checked the man out to make sure he was ok, but he walked away from the accident without a scratch.   He was transported to the hospital for evaluation as a precaution.

Police are still investigating what caused the driver to lose control.  They aren't sure if this tire came off the truck and caused the trailer to sway, or if the driver lost the tire at impact.

No matter what caused the crash on the overpass, Columbus police say it's a wonder no one was seriously hurt.