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Family Of Alleged Shaken Baby Victim Speaks Out

The family of the 10-month-old boy who died from shaken baby syndrome is speaking out. Learn more.

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warrant for a man charged with the murder of a 10-month-old boy.

Authorities are searching for 44-year-old Wayne "Wolf" Walker.

According to Pickaway County authorities Kyle Calton died from being shaken.

Kyle's family spoke exclusively to 10TV News.

They said they think Walker could be anywhere between Ohio and Texas, where he once lived.

While that search continues, the baby's family mourns their loss.

Betty Skaggs, Kyle’s maternal grandmother remembered her grandson as “…bright eyed, full of smiles, loved to play."

"I still don't understand how somebody could do that."

Baby Kyle died at Nationwide Children's Hospital from trauma, doctors said, consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

"I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how somebody could do something like that to him," Skaggs said.

Kyle’s paternal grandfather, Skeeter Bothman said he always thought his grandson would be in safe hands.   " I never dreamed something like that was gonna happen," Bothman said.

"It takes an animal to do something like that. That's an animal in my eyes you know, it's senseles, just senseless.  I just want to see justice done for him," Bothman said of Walker.

The family said they have set up a fund at the Ross County Banking Center to help raise money for the baby's burial.

The family said, they are now focused on coming together to help investigators find man accused of killing baby Kyle.

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