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Granville parents debate if kindergarteners should be taught about diverse families

The “family unit” teaches kids about all sorts of families, such as blended families, adopted families, interracial families, and families with same sex parents.

GRANVILLE, Ohio — The question Monday night that drew a crowd at the Granville Exempted Village Schools board meeting was if kindergarten students should be taught about diversity when it comes to families.

Public comment went on for over an hour; there were parents from both sides of this issue who spoke, each parent was given three minutes to speak.

“I am here for family discussions to be handled as just that, the family of the student,” said one speaker.

The "family unit" teaches kids about all sorts of families: blended families, adopted families, interracial families, and families with same-sex parents.

Families, like Mark Carr's of the organization Granville Pride.

“There had been a teacher who had been asked not to teach a family unit, if there wasn't a student in the classroom that didn't have same-sex parents,” said Carr.

The parent that made the request spoke at Monday night's meeting.

He was identified as Robert Moore. He would not speak with 10TV after the meeting, but did say in his comments he requested the change and started a petition against the unit.

“I do have different views that come from my faith for me and my family and I think that's OK,” Moore said.

The school board sharing its stance on the issue, saying the family unit curriculum is here to stay.

“The board and administration support the teaching of the family unit and the teachers in promoting inclusivity,” said Superintendent Jeff Brown.

The school board also voted on a mask mandate for students kindergarten through 6th grade, which passed.

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