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Columbus City School mother, educator weigh in on new weapons detectors

Columbus City Schools announced it would spend $3 million on the detectors.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Every day she sends her two kids to school, Kimberly Rogers worries.  

"It always seems like a crap shoot now when you're sending your kids,” she said. 

Her son and daughter are students at Eastmoor Academy High School, the same school she attended. 

Her worry grew even more on Thursday when a 15-year-old boy brought a loaded handgun to school and placed the building on lockdown. 

"That's kind of troublesome, and things like this occur in our schools and I wonder every day,” she said. 

The Columbus Division of Police said 14 guns have been recovered from Columbus City Schools since the beginning of the school year.

And now, more safety investments are coming to help keep kids safe. CCS will place new walk-in weapons detector systems in every high school. 

The announcement was made on Friday. One will go at every high school entrance, replacing the random metal detector screenings put in place nearly a year ago. 

Those metal detectors will go to other schools in the district. 

Rogers has mixed feelings about the safety investment.  

"I feel like it's creating a jail atmosphere to have our kids go in with a certain mentality and not a mentality to learn,” she said.  

10TV also spoke with Regina Fuentes, a spokesperson for the Columbus Education Association and a CCS teacher.  

"Whatever is happening in the community, whatever is happening in the neighborhoods is bleeding into our schools,” said Fuentes.  

She said it’s sad that the district is at this point to make sure the students are safe. Fuentes said she hopes it will be a good investment, but she said it’s reactive.  

"We need to start also looking at how do we get to their social, emotional needs. How do we draw in the community how do we encourage these conversations,” she said.  

Rogers wants her kids to have the most normal school experience they can, but she wants them to be always safe.  

"I really, really hope that it does,” said Rogers. 

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