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Hilliard-based company reducing waste & recycling right

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. is helping reduce waste by using recycled materials to create new water management products.
Credit: ADS Inc.


We all know the three "R's" of recycling. Reduce, reuse and recycle. It's convenient and easy to recycle here in Franklin County thanks to the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio(SWACO).

"We reduce pollution when we recycle, we reduce our reliance on natural resources," said Hanna Greer-Brown, Communications Manager at SWACO.

Greer-Brown said that there are huge economic impacts of recycling across the world and right here in Franklin County. 

"There are nearly 400 businesses that rely on recyclables and they support five thousand jobs for central Ohioans."

One of those businesses is Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS). Based out of Hilliard, ADS manages storm water with more than 50 years of experience as the second largest plastic recycler in North America.

"We talk about ourselves as managing a precious resource, water and we do it with a very high content recycled plastic material," said President & CEO of ADS, Scott Barbour. 

Annually, ADS recycles roughly 550 million pounds of plastics across the US, 24 million pounds in Ohio and 3 million pounds in Central Ohio / Franklin County.

Barbour said that about 65 percent of their high density polyethene pipe is made from recycled materials. 

"Things like milk jugs, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles. These are the kinds of things we would divert from going into the SWACO landfill," said Barbour.

Common house hold items that are recycled, sorted and then broken down into fine pellets that are then turned into a new product.

Barbour stressed the importance of being able to manage storm water back into the environment in a responsible and sustainable way. 

ADS also employs close to 900 people in Ohio. 

For more on ADS visit their website and for more information on how you can recycle right in Franklin County, visit swaco.org.