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VIDEO: Southlake DPS wants to charge biker who 'brake checked' officer, keeping him from pulling someone over

Southlake police are asking for help identifying the biker so they can pursue criminal charges.
Credit: Southlake DPS / Facebook
Motorcyclist interferes with Southlake police during traffic stop.

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — The Southlake Department of Public Safety needs help identifying a biker who prevented an officer from doing his job last week and judging from a video of the incident, it's hard to believe no one was injured. 

Last Saturday, a motor officer for the department was running radar along HWY 114 when a large group of bikers whizzed past him doing tricks. 

"They were standing on the seats, and popping wheelies," Southlake DPS Spokesperson Brad Uptmore said. 

In the midst of the group, was an SUV that Uptmore said was likely filming all the stunts. 

When the officer speeds up to pull the SUV over, his camera on his bike catches one of the motorcyclists swerve in front of him. 

In the video, you see the biker 'brake check' the officer multiple times which keeps him from performing the traffic stop. 

"There's only one word to describe that and it's reckless," Uptmore said. 

"Everyone could have crashed there. That's part of the problem with this behavior."

Another angle from a video on YouTube shows a separate biker fly in and you see the officer push his foot out to prevent a crash. 

"He kind of acted like he was going to swerve into the officer and our officer had to put his boot up really quick," Uptmore said. 

The officer eventually pulled the SUV over and handed out a ticket for impeding traffic. 

Uptmore said that the department wants to press charges against the biker who 'brake checked' the officer, and possibly the other one who nearly caused a crash. 

If you know who they are, anyone with information is asked to contact crime analyst Diana Smith at dsmith@ci.southlake.tx.us or at 817-748-8240. 

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