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Police: Suspects steal multiple firearms from Gahanna teen during Snapchat meetup

The reported robbery happened at a home on Barwood Drive just before 1:20 p.m. Wednesday.

GAHANNA, Ohio — The Gahanna Division of Police is searching for a group of suspects who are accused of stealing several firearms and ammunition from a house Wednesday afternoon.

The reported robbery happened at a home on Barwood Drive just before 1:20 p.m., according to an incident report filed by police.

A neighbor called police after he saw three males approaching the home in a vehicle and later saw them running away with a box.

The neighbor requested a well-being checked because he knew a juvenile at the home was often there alone.

Police arrived at the home and a 16-year-old boy answered the door. He told police that three people stole firearms from his house.

When asked about how the suspects entered the home, the teen told officers that they were there to hang out with him but claimed he did not know any of them.

The 16-year-old later admitted that he was attempting to sell his mother’s firearms for her.

According to the report, the teen on Tuesday created a story on his Snapchat account asking if anyone would want to buy his mother's black 9 mm Ruger Security 9.

A person with the name "SMM" reached out to the teen and said he would want to meet up and purchase the firearm.

After the two came to an agreement, the teen deleted the story from his Snapchat. The teen was blocked from the other user and couldn't see his information, the report stated.

Three people, believed to be in their late teens, arrived at the house the next day in a 2014 or newer Chevrolet Cruze with front end damage and their faces covered by masks. The teen greeted the suspects and welcomed them into the home.

After the teens were shown the Ruger, they inquired whether there were other firearms. The 16-year-old showed them a black Glock 17 gen 3, 9mm and an AR-15 (Del-Ton Echo 316 M Lock). The teen placed them all in the AR-15 case to show them the guns.

One of the suspects left to go to the vehicle. Another one of the suspects then pulled out a handgun and waved it back and forth, according to the teen.

As he waved the gun, he stated "This [expletive]'s ours." They proceeded to take the case along with two AR-15 magazines and a total of 90 rounds for the firearm.

According to the police report, the value of the stolen property is nearly $2,000.

The teen said he did not call police because he was scared. He also told police the suspects did not wear gloves where they were in the house.

The neighbor who called police captured video of the incident.

The mother told police she was unaware that her son was attempting to sell her firearm. She mentioned that they talked about selling the Ruger due to its malfunctions at the range but did not give her son permission to sell the firearm.

The mother provided a Ring Doorbell log to the police. While the doorbell did not capture video, the log showed the suspect walked into the house at 1:10 p.m. and left three minutes later.

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