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Man hit by his own car that was stolen on Ohio State's campus

Joel Morton-Wilson was leaving work Monday when he noticed his car was gone. While he was on the phone with police, he was hit by the car.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Joel Morton-Wilson walked out from work Monday when he noticed his car was missing from the Ohio Stadium West Lot. Then while on the phone with 911, he was struck by his stolen vehicle.

“At first I thought my car had been towed,” Morton-Wilson said.

But the car wasn't towed, it was stolen.

“My car was like 15 feet away. The people who had stolen it turned on the ignition and accelerated at me at about 25 miles an hour. They caught me in the head and shoulder,” he said.

Joel was on the phone with police when the thieves came back. He was able to get away, but because he moved out of the way, the car’s tire was flat after attempting to jump the curb.

“It was scary, but I live by [the phrase] ‘fear is a choice,’ because if I was to have panicked and make a different decision at that time, it wouldn't have been that difficult for them to back up over me, roll over me or do any number of other things,” he said.

Morton-Wilson said the car didn't make it far with a flat tire. Police were able to track it down and make an arrest of a juvenile with an active felony warrant.

Morton-Wilson was checked out on scene and again Wednesday to see if he was okay. He said he has minor injuries but is fine.

Morton-Wilson said police still have his car and he's working with his insurance company to assess the damage.

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