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Mother Charged After Son's Infection Spreads, Eats Away At His Flesh

A mother is charged for failing to obtain medical treatment for her 3-year-old son and investigators say she put her drug habit ahead of her children.

A mother was charged for failing to obtain medical treatment for her 3-year-old son, and it’s because authorities said she put the need for drugs ahead of her children.

Doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital diagnosed Keishian Bowen’s boy with a severe infection back in June.

At the time, doctors prescribed antibiotics and ordered a follow-up visit.

But Bowen did not follow through, according to investigators.

The infection became so bad that it ate away at the child's flesh and made reconstructive surgery necessary.

"When you get a case like this where it’s developed this far and the stages are going to cause the kid to have reconstructive surgery, and all of this could have been prevented. It really hits you in the heart,” said Sgt. John Hurst.

According to investigators, a children services worker visited Bowen’s home after the agency was tipped off by the boy’s grandmother.

The case worker ordered Bowen to take the boy and his younger brother for medical attention within 24 hours as is required by law.

Court documents indicated that the 3-year-old boy had lost six pounds between June and September. Doctors said both boys were malnourished.

Instead of transporting the children for medical attention, Bowen took the children and fled.

A caseworker eventually caught up with Bowen and the children. Bowen, 23, was charged with two counts of felony child endangering on Tuesday.

But by that time, the older boy’s infection was so severe that he had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

"Mom told us that her drug habit came first, and that was her priority and she would get some money and go out and purchase her drugs and use and if she had anything left over, she'd buy a little bit of food for the kids,” said Hurst.

Columbus Police say both boys are now in the custody of a foster family. Brown is being held in the Franklin County Jail on $50,000 bond.

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