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Marysville Pizza Shop Employee Accused Of Altering Tips To Steal Cash

There is a new warning about dishing out your credit cards to pay for meals and never looking at the bill on your bank statement

Employees are busy enough at the Domino's in Marysville that one employee may have thought they could get away with something without anyone noticing.

"One of the employees said that the tip amounts that he was getting looked awful funny," explained manager Nick Bradburn.  He says a co-worker's radar went off because the employee in question was new and the tips just didn't add up.

Customers would use their credit card to pay, and police say the employee would take the receipt and alter the tip amount to add extra money.


Marysville Police Chief Floyd Golden says an audit into the finances revealed the scam.

Managers are now assessing how much was taken and trying to track down any customers who may have been duped.

Chief Golden recommends those who had made purchases at the Domino's should check their credit card statements.  “It's just a really good general rule of thumb anyway," he adds.

Meanwhile, Bradburn wants to make sure customers know this is an isolated incident.  "I work just as hard as the next person and I don't care what job you have, I'm working just like they are and to steal from somebody is not right.”

Police are still investigating and haven't arrested or charged the employee.  If you picked any food up from the Domino's in Marysville in the last few weeks, police want you to check your receipts and statements to see if they match up.