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Mail Thief Clears Out Woman’s Bank Account

A woman says that a thief stole her mail, obtained her bank account number and stole hundreds. Get details from CrimeTracker 10.

A woman said that a thief stole her mail, obtained her bank account number and stole hundreds

Missy Hoop, an accountant clerk for 10TV’s parent company, The Columbus Dispatch, said that she always is aware of the state of her personal finances.

“I have a receipt for everything,” Hoop said. “I know who made that, where we went, how much we spent.”

Hoop said that she always pays her bills on time, and this month, like usual, she placed her bills in her mailbox.

Police said that a man pulled up and swiped the checks. He then obtained her bank account and routing numbers.

Hoop said that she did not realize the mail had been stolen until her debit card was declined on Sunday. She then checked her online banking and discovered a fraudulent check was made out for more than $450.

Hoop said that a surveillance camera at her home in the Hoover Park subdivision in Grove City caught the male thief on camera.

“I said, ‘I know I put mail in on Aug. 13,’ so sure enough, I put it in at 8:01 p.m., 8:37 p.m., you see the guy pull up, take the mail out and leave,” Hoop said.

In total, the thief stole more than $800.

“I will now always take my mail and drop it at the post office in the blue mailboxes,” Hoop said. “Never again will I put anything out there that has any kind of information, even just generic stuff, never again.”

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