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Columbus program aims to help owners locate, reunite with stolen bikes

Columbus police have a "Bug Your Bike" program to help locate stolen bikes.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ripley has advanced to a big girl bike — and as she rides around Whetstone Park, her parents keep a close eye on her, and her new wheels.

“My wife and I were just talking about how we need to get a lock, and talk about, 'Hey, if you leave your bike, you'll lose your bike,'” said dad David Smith.

Bikes can be easily stolen even if they are locked. Columbus police have a program that can help you get your bike back if it is lost or stolen.

“If your bike is recovered, we have the ability now to check all bikes when they come to the impound lot and check them for this little sticker. If it is reported stolen, then we can get the bike back,” said Brian Newsome, Community Liaison Officer with the Columbus Division of Police.

It's called Bug Your Bike, where you register your bike for free, then the city sends you a tracker, which is a sticker to put on your bike. If your bike is found, it helps police find the rightful owner.

Ripley's parents say they knew about the program and are likely to register this bike.

Ripley says she's going to take care of her present and hopes no one takes it.

“I would be super duper sad if I didn't have my old bike,” Ripley said.

To learn more about the Bug Your Bike program, click here.