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'They knew those kids were in the car': Columbus police looking for break in 2021 triple homicide

Columbus police said they have made progress in the case, but can't release any developments.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — On December 7, 2021, a horrific crime ended with two children dead in a parked car along with the boyfriend of their mother.

It happened in 6600 block of Kodiak Drive in southeast Columbus, not far from Canal Winchester.

All of the victims were shot to death in what police called a targeted assassination.

The victims, 22-year-old Charles Wade and his girlfriend's two children, 9-year-old Demitrius Wall-Neal and 6-year old Londynn Wall-Neal were pronounced dead at the scene.

One year later, police say they have no suspects and no motive.

“On this case we need to find out why it happened before we can figure out who did it,” said lead detective Terry Kelley.

Kelley said the case is moving forward, but said he couldn’t release any new developments because the shooting is intertwined with other cases and doesn’t want to jeopardize them.

During a press conference Wednesday, Detective Kelley played the disturbing surveillance video of the crime as it happened. He says he played the video at the request of the family who didn’t want the public to forget about it, and with the hope it would make someone come forward.

“What I need is for someone to dig into their conscious and say 'I can’t let this happen' and come in and say what they know,” he said.

10TV learned that a year after the crime, no one has donated money to Crime Stoppers to incentive someone to talk.

The organization says it’s unclear why. Right now, they are offering the standard $2,000 for a tip in a homicide case.

Police say two suspects opened fire inside the car, and as many as four to five people were involved the crime.

“They knew those kids were in the car. They watched those kids go into the car,” said detective Kelley.

Assistant Chief LaShanna Potts called the people who carried out the crimes monsters.

“We can’t allow people who execute children to live freely among us,” she said.

She said the street code of "no snitching” should end with a crime like this and urged those who know the suspects to come forward.

“Do it for the children who were executed that night,” she said.

Police say a 2010-2012 black Nissan Altima and 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee with dark tinted windows carried the suspects from the crime scene.

Neither car had license plates or tags to track the suspects.

While police say a reward would be helpful in a case like this, Detective Kelley says watching the video of the crime should be incentive enough for someone to come forward and ease the pain for the family of the victims.

You can call Detective Kelley directly to report a tip at 614-554-5002.

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